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Traditional uses: Urakshata – useful in chest injury Kshaya – tuberculosis, chronic respiratory diseases, weight loss Kasa – cold, cough Shwasa – Asthma Galamayan – throat infection / throat disorders Balakrut – improves strength Malashodhana – cleanses intestines.Dourbalya (debility), Agnimandya (indigestion), Arsha (haemoirroids), Udavarta (regurgitation), Raktapitta (bleeding disorders), Krimi (worm infestation), Kushtha (skin diseases), Kamala (jaundice), Pandu (anemia), Akshiroga (eye disorders), Shiroroga (diseases of the scalp), Galaroga (throat disorders), Shopha (oedema), Gulma (gaseous tumors), Shosha (emaciation), Jwara (fever) etc.Jaggery – 9.6 kg Prakshepa – Twak – Cinnamon – Stem bark – 48 g Ela – cardamom – 48 g Patra – (Cinnamomum tamala) – leaf – 48 g Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea) – Stamen – 48 g dos Traditional reference: Method of manufacturing: Raisin decoction is prepared with water, filtered and taken in a clean vessel.To it, the jaggery is added and dissolved, filtered.Increases digestive power and promotes bowel movements. It is useful in relieving gastritis and hyperacidity.It is also used in the treatment of skin diseases of Pitta origin.

Diabetes mellitus patinest should avoid this preparation as it is rich with jaggery.The menopause is thus a gradual and natural transitional phase of adjustment between the active and inactive ovarian function and occupies several years of a women's life and involves biological and psychological changes adjustments.This period is usually associated with unavoidable manifestation of aging process in women.My experience with this formulation – Dr MS Krishnamurthy: Draksharishtha is a good rejuvenator.I recommend this formulation to the non diabetic debilitated and anemic patients.

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