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You will have to get the other's signature notarized and name someone as a proxy (it can be anyone, man or woman). Most Justice of the Peace will simply leave no matter how big your wedding. The officiants listed in our Officiate directory will still conduct the wedding ceremony - but you will have to obtain or provide a marriage license later if you want to insure it is a marriage recognized by the State of Texas. Actually, you do not really need to worry about this.

A legal guardian must provide prove of guardianship. Go to the County Clerk's office and tell them you need an "Absentee affidavit" for a marriage license. With that, the other can go in alone for the license.Any person can make any personal commitment they wish to another person, and some same couples essentially create all the elements of a marriage by having a personal commitment (marriage) ceremony - only without a marriage license.Some will use a minister willing to officiate such a ceremony.Go to the County Clerks office and get an absentee affidavit.The downtown Dallas office is particularly helpful with proxies.

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