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Nunca supe bien qué entender como “vacaciones”, porque mi trabajo es bastante fluido en cantidades y se distribuye parejamente, sin distinción de estaciones.

Ahora mismo, cuando se supone que debería estar disfrutando de un merecido descanso, sé que tengo que preparar las clases que tendré que dar este año, decidir a qué congresos asistiré y a cuáles no, involucrarme o no en proyectos editoriales que, por más interesantes que sean, tal vez me quemen la cabeza cuando llegue el momento de llevarlos a cabo.

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It has been translated into 36 languages, Since its release the book has generated considerable merchandise for both children and adults, including toys, dishes, foods, clothing, and videos.

Information returned includes the server’s version, when it was compiled, the patch level, when it was started, and any other information which may be considered to be relevant. Support is indicated in a RPL_ISUPPORT reply (numeric 005) with the KNOCK keyword. The response contains all nicknames in the channel prefixed with the highest channel status prefix of that user, for example like this (with @ being the highest status prefix) If a client wants to receive all the channel status prefixes of a user and not only their current highest one, the IRCv3 multi-prefix extension can be enabled (@ is the channel operator prefix, and the lower voice status prefix): Instructs the server to send names in an RPL_NAMES reply prefixed with all their respective channel statuses instead of just the highest one (similar to IRCv3’s multi-prefix).

For example: With NAMESX This command can ONLY be used if the NAMESX keyword is returned in an RPL_ISUPPORT (numeric 005) reply. This command is not formally defined in an RFC, but is recognized by most major IRC daemons.

Support is indicated in a RPL_ISUPPORT reply (numeric 005) with the USERIP keyword.

Syntax: Adds or removes a user to a client’s server-side friends list.

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