Colorbar nail polish remover online dating

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I am back with a new review – Colorbar Nail Polish Remover Review. But removing those nail paints is like a pain in ass for me. Now, who doesn’t love a little dose of brightness or cuteness on her nails??Enriched with protein and vitamin B5, this remover gently removes the nail lacquer.

So, I thought of trying out a new nail polish remover. Its normally a range higher than what I usually buy.

So that’s why I preferred to go with my normal Colorbar acetone free nail enamel remover.

This nail enamel remover is a transparent liquid that does not harm the nails because it is acetone free, toluene free and DBP free.

I seriously get irritated by the poor quality of nail polish removers.

Since I am a fan of nail paints and I apply nail paints minimum once a week.

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