Custom textbox validating user input in

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The supported mathematical operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.The editor also supports grouping symbols such as parenthesis.Nevertheless, take into account that the formula must be made using the ID of those text controls, then the formula to be entered would be: When running a case, the fields that have configured a formula are disabled to input text.The results of the mathematical operations are shown as the values are entered in the fields included in the formula.Then, click on one of the examples in the list to insert it and then it can be customized to fit your needs.A window opens with the examples of regular expressions that can be used in this property.This property allows a regular expression to be entered which checks whether the user entered valid input into the textbox.If the input matches the regular expression, then the user will be allowed to leave the field, but if the input doesn't match, the field message will be outlined in red and the text in the Validation Error Message property will be displayed.

To see the list of examples, click on the Help button.

This property is also a validation made over these fields, but if a regular expression has been set inside the "Validate" property, this validation will be verified first before the Max. Theoretically the property definition allows a maximum of 9,999,999,999 characters to be entered into the field, but the web browser probably will not have enough memory to handle that amount of input.

Furthermore, Process Maker can only store up to 16MB of data about a case, which would be 16,777,216 characters (assuming there are no international characters which need more than 8-bits).

To use any of them simply click on the option needed.

The regular expression selected will be inserted in the value of the property where the corresponding editions can be made to customize the validation.

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