Dating a fellow band member

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The best rock lyricists have always used words in just those ways.

They have been defining and redefining myths and icons, symbols that can stand for both their private feelings those that transcend their personal point of view and speak to the audience's collective consciousness.

On one album they appear as survivors of a forgotten era and culture ( which in turn freezes in time our image of the mid-Sixties Mod sensibility.

Their album will become a definitive reference point for interpreting the recent rock experience as we necessarily come to rely more on interpretations of the past than on our ever-changing memories of it.

The Band, the most self-conscious American band, have transformed everything they've touched into a permanent image of the incpast as it was supposed to have been, which is as good a definition of mythologizing as rock requires.

By making themselves over as the disciples of Billy Shears, just another vaudeville revue, they could perform material that might have been rejected coming from the Beatles qua Beatles — songs like "When I'm 64," "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Of the four former Beatles, John Lennon and George Harrison have gone on to write exclusively in the first person, their lyrics, both good and bad, never more or less than simple statements of their ideas and feelings.

Ringo Starr and Paul Mc Cartney have moved in the other direction, expressing themselves no less personally but through more inventive means.

is a carefully composed, intricately designed personal statement that will make it impossible for anyone to classify Paul Mc Cartney as a mere stylist again.

A lesser talent would have taken the escape concept and perhaps woven a simple story around it.

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