Dating vox ac50

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21 days after this type of speaker was logged in the Celestion register). An AC100 assembled by Triumph Electronics (rather than by Burndept).Note that the profile of the cover is more cylindrical than bell shaped. In the upper compartment of the cab - two speakers with solder tags on the spokes of the frame, one (perhaps a replacement, as the others are earlier) with the code "30HL" = August 1966. Solder terminals on a board between the chassis spokes An instance apparently with a date code indicating 10 December 1964 (10MJ) is reported by Jim Elyea.Dark, dusty storage areas are crammed with ancient tan-colored Vox AC-10 “TV” models from the late ’50s, Super Beatles with chrome stands, original mint-condition Vox sales and promotion banners.There are also prototypes of the superb Matchless amps Sampson designed and assembled here on his work bench amid a clutter of electronic parts and pieces, wonky graying tube testers and oscilloscopes that look as if they were taken off a World War II battleship.Sampson’s journey began in another garage, amid the world of drag racers and street rods in his native Mason City, Iowa.He did 10 years as a professional drag racer on the local circuit, building and modifying street rods, competing in custom car shows.Above, sold on ebay in late 2013, a T1096 from 23rd May 1964 (code 23EJ).

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The T1096 is regularly found, however, in Vox T60 speaker cabinets. There seem to be three basic types (1) small nuts on the cap, date code stamped on frame; (2) small nuts on cap, date code on gasket; (3) large screws on cap, date code on gasket.Date code "16BH" stamped on frame = most likely February 1950.This must be a mis-stamping for 10JM = 10th September 1967.Celestion were certainly not immune from errors of this sort.

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