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This is a fragrance that is meant to be worn and enjoyed by the wearer more than anything else.

This is the best perfume I have smelt in a while, really unusual differently completely.This is such a beautiful perfume, however the longevity in projection is not there!I spray it and then within 10-15 minutes gone, unless you press your nose against where you sprayed it.But he also describes how as a perfumer, he tries to see each note as devoid of any association or emotion, in order to use it as a part of a musical-like olfactory composition in which the whole perfume, not the single floral or woodsy or aquatic note, expresses an emotion.Yet you can still feel them all, just like listening to a piece by Brahms you can hear the single instruments but it is the whole composition that gives you feelings you never explored before, every single time.

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