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The timer starts when both of the following conditions are satisfied: as the minimum action, then all instances that are affected will be deleted and replaced with a new instance, whether or not it is necessary.

Setting a minimal action guarantees that the updater will perform that action, at a minimum.

This page describes how to make updates to your managed instance groups.

To learn about managed instance groups, read the Instance Groups documentation.

Without the Updater, new software versions must be deployed either by creating a new managed instance group with a new software version, requiring additional set up each time, or through a manual, user-initiated, instance-by-instance recreate.

Both of these approaches require significant manual steps throughout the process.

to specify the amount of time to wait before considering a newly created or restarted instance as updated.

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You can determine your name servers in the Cloud Platform Console by navigating to your managed zone and clicking the "Registrar Setup" link in the upper right corner.

After changing your domain registrar's name servers, it can take a while for resolver traffic to be directed to your new Cloud DNS name servers.

Resolvers could continue to use your old name servers until the TTL on the old NS records expire.

If you set a percentage, the updater will round up the number of instances if necessary.

to 5, then only 5 instances will be taken offline for updating at a time.

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