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Globular clusters are collections of hundreds of thousands of relatively old stars that are deficient in heavier elements.No planets have ever been detected around any star in a globular cluster.NASA's Hubble Space Telescope was responsible for many great discoveries during the past decade.Nevertheless, there is much revolutionary research left for the observatory to do.

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In the "white-dwarf-cooling method," astronomers studied the faintest white dwarfs in a globular cluster.This illustration outlines the two techniques astronomers have used to determine the universe's age.In the "traditional method," astronomers used measurements of the universe's expansion rate to calculate the age of the cosmos.The detection of such planets will be of enormous significance, since it will not only demonstrate that planets can form even when there are fewer heavier elements than in the solar system, but also that planets can survive in crowded stellar environments.If planets are not detected, this will also place meaningful constraints on planet formation.

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