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In the wake of the successful movie of the same name, a TV series was spawned baded on the stories of the students and faculty of the famous New York City High School for the Performing Arts.

In one episode, the aging music professor, is taught to drive in a Morgan.

Meanwhile, his path crosses that of some of the snobbiest and most class-conscious individuals ever to have teed up for a round of golf.

A Morgan Plus 8 makes an appearance on the way to the Golf course.

Lovejoy is a loveable rogue and an antiques dealer with an amazing talent for spotting hidden treasures.

When not looking for the odd collectible, Lovejoy spends most of his time using his con-artist skills to help out the less fortunate.

She finds a fresh corpse on a lonely beach, and although she is able to collect photos and evidence, the body is washed away before it can be recovered.

The plot concerns the efforts of the local police, assisted by Harriet and Lord Peter Wimsey, to identify the dead man, recover his body, determine whether his death was suicide or murder, and if the latter, to unmask the killer.

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They shortened it quite a bit to fit the movie length and lost the major thread of the plot (as well as most of the Morgan scenes).A married Wisconsin teacher fears a Los Angeles lawyer who has mistaken her for his long-lost wife.In one of the shots is the father of de leading lady, Jaclyn Smith, cleaning a white Morgan with read leather1992 Michael Palin packs his bags in this TV series sequel to his round the world in 80 days adventure.Elizabeth's divorced brother Emmet, who also lives next door to the Buckets, tries to avoid Hyacinth because she breaks into song in his presence in the hope he'll cast her in one of his "little theater" musical productions.When an accident obliterates the British royal family and most of its branches, a desperate geneological search discovers the next king: Ralph, a sleazy American lounge singer.

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