Marvin sapp dating real housewife

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Meanwhile, Kenya struggles with family pressures, the ticking of her biological clock, and a shocking revelation from her boyfriend.All comes to a head when Cynthia throws a party, which leads her to another faceoff with Kenya in round two of battle of the beauties.Phaedra throws an over-the-top birthday party for her son, Ayden, leading Ne Ne to deliver some unpleasant news to Cynthia, who wonders why she never received an invite.As the ladies plan their trip to Anguilla, tensions rise and their friendships will be questioned.Kenya gets invited to a high-class fundraising event for a well-known charity in Atlanta, Hosea Feeds the Homeless.The invitation is extended by the founder's granddaughter, Porsha Stewart, a rich Atlanta socialite and newlywed of former NFL star Kordell Stewart. Elsewhere, Ne Ne takes a trip to New York for some meetings, and she and Cynthia spend a day exploring the city.Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta follows Ne Ne as she embarks on a new adventure as a rising star in Hollywood.In the love department, Ne Ne flirts with the idea of rekindling a romance with her ex, Gregg, meanwhile, new love is in the air for Kandi who has recently found herself a man.

As the ladies deal with the aftermath of a blowout with Kim, Cynthia and Peter decide to move forward and invite another couple to fill Kim and Kroy's place: Porsha and her NFL-star husband, Kordell Stewart.

So below are a few of the headlines I recently came across that are truly scandals…

New ventures, sizzling romance, a whole lotta donkey booty, and two new Housewives arrive to turn up the heat in Hotlanta.

Focused on their expanding businesses, Cynthia dabbles into the world of pageants and Phaedra decides to create a fitness video all about achieving that signature "donkey booty." Our recently married Housewife Kim is also busy expanding her family, but manages to make it out for the ladies' events -- even ones where Ne Ne is the guest of honor.

Will these two ever make up or will she further distance herself from the group in favor of her family and man?

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