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As a result, his share of the couple’s £320,000 house went to his ex-wife.

However, the woman, Joy Williams, took the case to court.

She was reinstated by after the destruction of the Joseon Dynasty.

After the destruction of the Joseon Dynasty in 1910, due to her renowned assertive and independent nature, she has become a modern popular cultural icon of Korea.

Today is the last episode of series 10 Heir Hunters which looks into the unclaimed estate of John Leslie Simm. Tweet us some more pics @Finders Probate – The guys here would love to see them.Ms Williams wanted the remaining share of the property so that she would have some financial security as she had had no means of support since her partner, a dentist, had died in 2012.Ms Williams said she was relieved and delighted that this case was finally over because it has taken a huge toll on me and my family.[size=4][color=#FF0000][b]这是无字版本,有些人懂韩语,我就顺手发上来了[/b][/color][/size] [img] ◎译 名 于宇同:无主之花 ◎片 名 어우동: 주인없는 꽃 ◎年 代 2015 ◎国 家 韩国 ◎类 别 爱情/古装 ◎语 言 韩语 ◎上映日期 2015-01-29(韩国) ◎IMDb评分 4.5/10 from 6 users ◎IMDb链接 ◎豆瓣评分 4.5/10 from 276 users ◎豆瓣链接 ◎片 长 101分钟 ◎导 演 李洙成 Soo-seong Lee ◎主 演 Baek Do-bin 宋恩彩 Eun-Chae Song ◎简 介 朝鲜时代成宗时期的女诗人、作家及画家於于同遭遇婚姻不幸之后和多名男子有染而艳名远播,甚至连朝鲜的王都被诱惑,不符合当时社会的礼教规范,故有“妖妇”、“淫妇”、“恶女”、“色女”等别称。 《於于同:无主之花》聚焦于她在被丈夫抛弃之后,抛弃贵族身份,用於于同的名字变身妓女,展开复仇的故事。而且还创造了一个假想人物木工,和於于同及其丈夫之间有着三角关系,同时也展现了朝鲜时代女性的隐秘生活。 BT下载种子信息:|名称:Ownerless. AAC-i Mrel.mp4创建时间:2016-1-23 分块大小:4 MB分块个数:594总计大小:2.32 GB所包含的文件:Ownerless.

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