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In fact, rationalizing bad behavior often leads to conflict and the eroding of a relationship.

Listen to this episode to learn why excuses and rationalizations creep into...

Our guests will provide daily tips to improve your relationship, advice for young couples, amazing books and resources and much more. Infidelity is unfortunately a huge part of the modern marriage.

If we can understand why men and women cheat then we are halfway towards solving the problem.

I Do Podcast interviews today’s most successful and inspiring relationship experts, therapists and couples.

Relationships are hard — add your drunk uncle, traveling with kids, buying presents and everything that comes with the holidays, and you have a recipe for a mental meltdown. Today's episode will give you the tools and advice to...

Forty-nine perfect of unmarried relationships and 39% of marriages are inter-faith, and the numbers continues to grow. Technology and work are an integral part of living in the 21st century.

While both can be great, they can also create a huge strain on our relationships.

Darlene Lancer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and expert author on relationships and codependency. He has written over 1100 articles on practical decision-making for his Psychology Today blog: Ambigamy: Insights for the deeply... Zack Carter is an assistant professor of communication at Taylor University.

Shes counseled individuals and couples for 30 years and coaches internationally. His teaching and research efforts are conducted through the lens of social psychology.

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